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April 9th, 2007

chaosperfected @ 03:41 am: Closing Time: Tribute to MMO Radio.


Allow me this shoddy, and badly, and omg early update. Also allow me the complete and total ripp off of Closing time except a few words.

April 8th (Easter Sunday) Marked the end of MMO Radio. The internet station I spent a lot of my mornings listening to. I also made a lot of friends, and climbed my way up the social ladders and became friends with the DJ'S. I love them all, they're some of the best friends I have ever made.

However, due to RIAA and their new "Performance Bill." and several other issues that I'm sure are there but know nothing about, TMS Broadcasting, the people who took MMO Radio under their wing, after it almost died a first time... Has finally closed it's doors. If you try to go to http://www.mmoradio.com you will be forwarded to their newer site, which is .. for something in the format of HPTV.

The stream that I know and love it as.. Is no longer...
No more DJ Solace on air, no more DJ Clichie Darkness, No more Radio Groedeo, and several other DJ's I LOVE listening to.

Sure most of us moved to the new server, and to the refugee chatroom, but it just isn't the same as it was when I first started to listen to this station.

We had a huge on air broad cast via Vent, and DJ Wacoede's set up, and we all said our fare thee wells. And yes, some of us cried. Over 49 people... At least thats what I over heard. For the second time ever I was heard on air, at mmo radio, a station I wanted to DJ for badly.. If not in music then at least news.

So allow me this tribute. It has dick all to do with my comic, but how else can a person like myself really, and truly express how I feel? I loved this station.

Also emergencey sirens in Oregon went off at around 8pm their time? (Not sure exactly) In memorium for TMS Broadcasting. Aparently workers in these facilities listen to the stations TMS Broadcasting had under their wing. If that doesn't make the impact of just how great the communities formed under TMS Broadcasting is, I know not what is.

And that.. is all there is to tell.

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